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yacht insurance for luxury yachtsAs well as offering yachts insurance for UK yacht owners and buyers, Marinablu also provides a range of financial services for financing your yacht, from the traditional marine mortgages to the more specialised yacht leasing.

Working with a range of lenders both in the UK and Europe we have developed contacts with a broad range of lenders who are able to provide marine finance for both small and large yacht owners alike. In addition, if you are proposing to buy your yacht as part of a professional charter business, then financing using a lease may be the best solution, as this provides a way to buy the yacht VAT free and to use it in EU waters. So let's start by looking at this finance option first, but it is conditional on being a legitimate charter business, and the lenders will also want to see evidence of a full time crew on board, so this option is really only suitable for financing larger yachts.

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Yacht Insurance -  Yacht Leasing Charter

Financing your yacht with a lease for personal use is a great way to save VAT, but if you are a running a charter business and financing a new yacht, then the savings are even greater as the lease is VAT free.  The two most popular leasing solutions are the French and the Italian, and both work in similar ways. Firstly you choose your yacht and any extras that you require, agree the price with the yard or broker, then pay a deposit which is normally around 20% of the purchase price. The bank then finances the remainder of the yacht, and leases it back to you at an agreed rate over an agreed term, which is normally between 3 and 8 years, although some lenders will consider up to 10 years. The boat can be owned by a company or an individual, and as the yacht is for full time charter, then 0% VAT applies to the leasing payments and the lease is therefore VAT free. At the end of the lease period, the yacht can purchased by the business or simply returned to the bank for them to sell. 

The minimum that most lenders will consider for leasing finance is around 500,000 Euros ex VAT, with no maximum, but as I stressed earlier, they will want to see evidence that the yacht is indeed being used as as a full time charter, and not simply as an executive perk for the directors and partners of the company! The validity of the crew will be an important aspect in the approval process for a lease.

Yacht Insurance - Marine Mortgages

Marine mortgages may have been around a long time, and are certainly a more conventional way to finance your yacht, both in the UK and Europe, but lenders are increasingly becoming more creative with the products they are offering, and as a specialist broker we can often provide unusual or creative solutions for our clients as as result. Sadly we all know that our yacht is a depreciating asset, and yet we do have lenders who are prepared to offer an interest only facility in the early years which can reduce repayments significantly. Naturally this depends on the type and age of the yacht, and also on the percentage of the deposit, but we are increasingly arranging marine mortgages with the first few years based on interest only, and the remainder on interest and capital. Naturally you will need to be careful when considering this option as your later repayments will increase significantly, so if in doubt please take professional advice. Another growth area is in currency mortgages where the yacht is financed in Euros or US dollars. In order to take advantage here you will need to be earning in the particular currency, but again this is an attractive option for some clients.

We are generally able to find financing for all kinds of yachts, whether for personal, private or commercial use. We will always come back to you very quickly with a personal response even when we can't help, so please just give us a try - we hope we can save you a lot of time and effort.

Finally, thank you so much for visiting our site on yacht insurance which we hope you found useful. We are always here to help, so whatever your query, please just ask and we will try our best to provide you with an efficient, rapid  and personal response - kind regards, Anna & David

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